93/KHJ Boss Radio Chart Data

This site is a companion to my KHJ blogsite. While the blogsite is good for displaying KHJ memorabilia, it doesn't lend itself to music data tables and the like. This site hopefully suits that purpose.

Below are links to the material that used to reside on Earthlink. They no longer provide personal web space so everything has been moved to this site. You'll need to re-bookmark if you bookmarked the files on Earthlink.

Ray Randolph

The Music of 93/KHJ Boss Radio
Hitbounds That Didn't Chart The Boss 30
Survey Gallery by Year
KHJ Record Data by Year
KHJ Top 300 of 1966
KHJ Top 300 of 1967
KHJ Top 300 of 1968
KHJ Boss 93 of 1965
KHJ Big 93 of 1966
KHJ Big 93 of 1967
KHJ Big 93 of 1968
KHJ Big 93 of 1970
KHJ Big 93 of 1972
KHJ Top 100 of 1973
KHJ Top 100 of the 60's
The Real Don Steele Survey Gallery
KHJ Rules Sticker